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Sterrad NX ALLClear

Rapid turnaround in a compact low temperature sterilizer

ASP's compact size sterilizer STERRAD® NX ALLClear™ Technology has the ability to minimize workflow interruptions before they occur. It is the only sterilization platform with integrated quality control features, which may enhance compliance*. Its unique features include:

  • Reduce workflow interruptions
    • Automatic pre-cycle detects and removes moisture before start of the sterilization cycle
  • Enhance compliance by greater adherence to device IFUs and improved record handling.
    • Automatic communication of information between the STERRAD® System, ASP ACCESS™ Technology, and an instrument tracking system or hospital network
    • Fully compatible with the Independent Monitoring System (IMS) with sensors that allows for parametric release of instrument loads
  • Designed with simplicity in mind to reduce the potential for human error
    • Enhanced user interface makes cycle navigation intuitive and straightforward
    • Graphic display indicating proper load placement for the selected cycle
    • Automated cassette insertion mechanism
  • Upgradable and expandable sterilization system
  • Trusted and proven worldwide sterility
  • Increased healthcare worker safety**
  • Reduced costs for instrument repairing; less water and energy consumption**
  • Space-efficient system
    • Can be easily cart-mounted and moved where needed anywhere in the hospital
  • Reduced workflow interruptions.
  • Enhanced compliance by greater adherence to device IFUs and improved record handling.
  • Designed with simplicity in mind to reduce the potential for human error.
  • Upgradable and expandable sterilization system.
  • Trusted and proven worldwide sterility.
  • Increased healthcare worker safety.
  • Reduced costs for instrument repairing; less water and energy consumption.
  • Fully compatible with the Independent Monitoring Systems (IMS) for parametric release
  • Space-efficient system

STERRAD® NX ALLClear System Specifications

Cycle Specifications*
Cycles Standard: sterilizes most general surgical instruments
Advanced: sterilizes single-channel rigid endoscopes or up to 1 single-channel flexible endoscope
Time Standard: 28 minutes Advanced: 38 minutes
Lumen claims Standard: single-channel stainless steel lumens diameter: ≥1 mm; length: ≤150 mm OR diameter: ≥2 mm; length: ≤400 mm
Advanced: single-channel stainless steel lumens diameter: ≥1 mm; length: ≤500 mm OR single-channel PE/PTFE flexible endoscopes diameter: ≥1 mm; length: ≤850 mm
Technical Specifications
Cycle temperature 47°C–56°C
Sterilant Hydrogen peroxide
Sterilant delivery Delivered in closed system in cassettes with automatic detection of expiration date:
Standard/Advanced: 3.6 mL per cycle (double kill) (2 ampules, each ampule is 1.8 mL)
Used cassette disposal Automatic and touchless ejection into cassette disposal container
Peroxide residual breakdown Gas plasma technology breaks down H2O2 to safe elements of water and oxygen
Configurations Single door
System dimensions (maximum) System Height: 930 mm Width: 554 mm Depth: 792 mm
System + Cart Height: 1673 mm Width: 576 mm Depth: 792 mm
Chamber total volume 51.3 L
Chamber dimensions System Height: 230.1 mm Width: 370.1 mm Depth: 660.9 mm
Chamber shape Rectangular
Shelf info Two-tiered shelf: Width: 312.8 mm Depth: 600.3 mm
Mobility (Cart) 4 casters (all locking)
System weight System: 127.2 kg Cart: 65.3 kg
User interface Touchscreen technology: projected capacitive touch Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels
Accessory devices • Barcode reader • External drives: USB that allows data upload and download
Standards/Compliance ISO 14937
Sterilization Specifications
Sterilization process Terminal-sterilization, double-kill cycle to provide a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6; 2 injections and identical plasma phases
Delivered sterilant concentration 58%–59.5%
Sterilization cycle monitoring Critical system parameters monitored with on-board sensors, biological indicators, chemical indicators, IMS (independent monitoring system) available
H2O2 concentration continuous monitoring Monitoring using UV sensor within the chamber
Installation and Electrical Requirements
Heat generation Maximum: 1012 BTU/hour
Electrical power specifications One dedicated single phase 50/60 Hz, voltage +/- 10%,
2+ ground outlet per the following countries:
• US/Canada: 120 VAC, 16A (recommended receptacle: NEMA 5-20R)
• Japan: 200 VAC, 10A
• International: 200-240 VAC, 10A; 110-120 VAC, 16A
Service space and installation requirements (Space can be reduced if the system can be moved for servicing.) Top: 610 mm minimum
Left side:
• Table installed: 60 mm minimum from sterilizer side
• Cart installed: 100 mm minimum from cart side
Right side:
• Table installed: 610 mm minimum from sterilizer side
(Objects placed within this region must be moved during service. Area can be divided up into
space on left and right sides.)
• Cart installed: 100 mm minimum from cart side
Back side: 25.4 mm minimum
Front: 1000 mm minimum from front of sterilizer
Countertop/table specifications Structure must be able to support a minimum of 182 kg, and have a minimum depth of 584 mm
Operational Environment
Temperature 18°C–35°C
Humidity 10%–85% RH (noncondensing)
Networking and Data Recording
System performance data and reports Cycle history, full 1-second data files, and reports available via ASP ACCESS™ Technology
Network connectivity Communication protocol for Instrument Tracking Systems (ITS) available via ASP ACCESS™ Technology
Data recording • Electronic data storage up to 50 cycles • Internal printer for manual recordkeeping
• Full electronic cycle data and reports via ASP ACCESS™ Technology
System Ordering Information
Code Product Description
10033-004 STERRAD NX® Sterilization System with ALLClear™ Technology, STANDARD & ADVANCED cycles, includes installation
10311 STERRAD NX® Sterilization System with ALLClear™ Technology Cart
10133 STERRAD NX® System Cassette (5 cassettes/case)
113617-01 STERRAD® Systems Bar Code Scanner Kit
10306 Cassette disposal box
10305 Thermal printer paper